Gentrification and Affordable Housing Challenges in Greenville County

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The term “affordable housing is thrown around a lot these days in Greenville County. Of course, what is affordable to one person is not at all affordable to another. Housing can be called affordable if you are spending no more than 1/3 of your income to procure it. That means that there should be housing that is affordable to a CEO as well as to someone who earns minimum wage. In Greenville County, that is not the case right now. How did these affordable housing challenges come to be, and what tools are at the disposal of local government? This episode of Simple Civics: Greenville County covers this and so much more around housing policy, history, and economics. Travis Wharton, Director of Education and Economic Mobility at the United Way of Greenville County talks with Dr. Kenn Kolb, a Professor of Sociology and Chairman of the department of sociology at Furman University.

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