Greenville County residents are good people.  We know this, because they volunteer with us, they donate to us, and they participate in our programs and services.  We are the Greenville Partnership for Philanthropy, a network of local donors, and the NonProfit Alliance,  a network of local nonprofit organizations. Every day, we see the good in our community, and we see people hard at work to right wrongs and make things better. 

Sometimes, that work involves local government. But we’ve found that many Greenville County residents don’t know much about how local government works – both because it’s complicated and because they are busy living their day-to-day lives. 

Simple Civics: Greenville County aims to make local government easy. Each week, we take a topic related to local government and break it down for you, but short and sweet. We’ll bring in local experts to talk about timely topics. Our goal is to equip you and our members – philanthropic funders, nonprofit leaders, and residents who care about our community – to get involved in local government for the good of folks who live in Greenville County.

Greenville Partnership for Philanthropy maximizes the impact of philanthropy on our community by connecting grantmakers and donors of diverse backgrounds and experiences to share and increase knowledge, improve practice, and pursue opportunities for positive change—together.

NonProfit Alliance propels the impact of nonprofits in Greenville County by serving as the collective voice for the sector and providing the connection point to strengthen capacity and innovation.

*Image via Mike Burton